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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Create An Online Service And Enjoy A Recurring Residual Online Income

By Jerry Cash

Starting an online service is a great idea to build up a recurring, residual monthly income for any Internet business owner who's worried about "how to make it happen again next month?" Before I get to what the best services can be and how to kick a service off, we need to get a few important formalities out of the way.
What I mean is, does the service idea you're thinking about or an idea that you found online or through a friend, lend itself to repeatability. Will it be stable in a fluctuating consumer's requirements? Can you wash, rinse and duplicate your work for the same or new customers and have them pay you regularly?
Answering these questions should give you a better idea of the sustainability of a service you might be considering.
> Is there a built-in need for ongoing support? Can you charge an amount regularly as a service-bill and have the consumer willing to allow it? [It should NOT be that once you solved a particular requirement, they don't need you anymore.]
> Are the people who need this service available online in large numbers? If yes, are they easily reachable and willing to pay for your expertise?
> If consumers are reachable online, are there existing services in the same sector that do well? [Do you have competitors - COMPETITION ONLINE IS GOOD.]
> Are your consumers desperate for a solution/service? When they approach you, will they be willing to try you out or will they see your price-point and try to get down and dirty and solve the problem themselves? [Your pricing should be reasonable for the service you will provide.]
> Are you truly interested or will the service get boring after 3 months and cause you to want to quit? [THIS IS A BIG ONE.]
If you answered a positive to the above questions, then you're in a position to go about setting up an online service and have it become successful. Here are some of the most in-demand online services models:
# 1: Continuity Information or Coaching
This one is about self-help services. The most popular niches being dating advice, dog training, income generation, health, fitness, nutrition and specimen trading (like model-train trades, golf swings etc.)
You can either be the expert adviser yourself OR go ahead to interview sites where experts post their names to be interviewed. You could talk to someone from the niche your service is in and even BUY AN EXPERT. He could be the face of your service while you handle the web setup and marketing. Then, generate ebooks and audio coaching on the cheap and sell them for appropriate pricing.
# 2: Outsourcing and Freelancing Services
You may have to hire a few programmers beforehand for this. Don't worry, you don't need big money. You need brains. Most online freelancing jobs require content journalism, sales copy crafting or software assistance. BUT, all these are not skills you have to jump in with. Oh no. What you need is a PORTAL that you can handle easily.
There are tons of freelancers sitting at who are fed-up of their irregularity ridden payment schedules and uncertainty of income. This is a result of the nature of freelance programming and designing. Find a couple good ones (hint: check their reviews) and strike up a deal with them.
Tell 'em you need a user friendly secure portal for an outsourcing/freelance site meant to serve clients in such-and-such business. And agree to split the income you receive by charging for this portal service for the first 3 years. That'll get their eyes sparkling. Look at Brad Callen - a famous guy has done an excellent job and it's churning out articles at the speed of light. Imagine the income for the portal commissions!!
# 3: SEO and Search Marketing
Ah!! Probably the most profitable online service today. This does require knowledge of battling for ranking in the search engines and website usability to it's core level. So this service is right for those who have had some previous scratch at analyzing algorithms, especially binary search and nodal trees.
But hey! If you don't know all this stuff, don't bother. There are tons of geeks out there who do. They've provided some of the best courses on action steps for you to take. Use their training as an investment and get the expertise you need.
Or better yet, find where they're taking hits. Hint - most SEOs are great with the technical stuff and online marketing. It's getting steady clients that gets them killed and they wind up as freelancers who could use your help. So master the client getting aspect of this business. Find out the places where most businesses do SEO that creates problems. Then ask your SEO partner to work on those problems. Once he has, you've got answers!! And use those answers to get clients. You can start at forums or by running a Google ad for clients.
# 4: Virtual Assistants (VA) Services
This is a highly lucrative low investment service. It's more of "bringing the office home" where you need to assist existing businesses in their virtual running. You need a simple computer or a laptop to carry around and competency in basic technical tasks to do with online business or store administering.
Also, proficiency in sales is an edge. To have your own VA service, you just draw up a website about your service and invite over a team of freelancers who're interested in going to work full time. Then, take up projects on a timely basis until your skills are refined enough and you know what exact type of business your team can serve well and then how to get them as repeat clients.
# 5: Online Store Services and Autoresponders
Heard of Aweber? Shopping carts, stores and autoresponders are an indispensable need of any business or individual who's trying to make an earning online by selling his products. But running scripts that align with payment gateways and assuring the server doesn't get overloaded due to overburdened requests is not easy if you don't use a third party service.
That's where premium monthly services like Aweber and Big Commerce come in. There's an initial investment of a couple powerful servers involved along with design of re-usable and customizable load balancing engines and scripts to run over those servers. But, once you start getting customers paying you every month, you can re-coup your investment quickly!
I hope I got your wheels turning, cause some of the biggest money to be made online is by supplying a much sought after service...think Google, Facebook, YouTube...Good luck!
Visit me at my blog today for more ideas to create a Recurring, Residual Income
Be sure to take the time to sign-up for my newsletter as I'll be sharing even more income producing strategies for your blog or website that you won't find anywhere else.

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How to Make $100 a Day Online Like Clockwork (Fast, Fun and Free)

By Alexa Ross

Who else wants to earn $100 a day online WITHOUT gurus, gimmicks or any goofiness at all? Are you sick and tired of buying over priced products, and over hyped promises from people who DON'T have your best interests at heart? Are you fed up with failure... and with the frustration of knowing you are CLOSE to your breakthrough, but you can't get over that hump?
The truth is, you are NOT alone. As a matter of fact, most people will never live their online dream, NOT because they didn't learn enough, but simply because they gave up a wee bit too soon.
As a matter of fact, I truly believe that one of the biggest obstacles most folks face is the idea that you have to learn EVERYTHING you have success.
The opposite is actually true. Focus, simplicity and getting REALLY good at one thing is far more valuable than getting pretty good at a lot.
With that in mind, I'm going to give you the easiest way to earn $100 a day, and anyone reading this article can do it.
First, pick a niche that you have REAL passion for. Forget about all of the fancy pants online metrics, the keyword counts, the goofy gurus who tell you that one niche is better than the next.
Find what makes YOU come alive... and do THAT.
I don't care if it's yoga, ghost hunting, martial arts, credit counseling, diet, dating, divorce or otherwise...
If you feel PASSION, you can make perpetual piles of profit using the simple approach below.
The second step is to create a curriculum.
Your OWN coaching, product or program is obviously best.
You can literally create a coaching program in a short weekend... or an audio product, using free services, in a day or two as well.
But, if you don't want to start here, simply find a good affiliate program you'd be proud to recommend.
If your goal is $100 a day to start, look for an affiliate program that has an EPC of 100 or better (the average earnings for every 100 visitors sent, as published by the affiliate network).
This way, your business now becomes more about MATH, than marketing.
To earn $100 a day, you only need to send 100 visitors to an affiliate program with an EPC of 100.
OR -
You sell your own coaching package, or product, for whatever price you choose.
For example...
If you can create content about credit, you can either sell a credit repair affiliate offer, OR your very own credit counseling.
The same thing applies if you have passion for yoga, or diet, or meditation, or martial arts, or where ever your expertise lies.
I call this whole approach the strategy of straight lines, because all you need is:
- Content (articles like this)

- Community (people who subscribe to your lessons)

- Curriculum (something to SELL to those people!)
That's all. If your goal is $100, and you create 4 articles like this one a day, and plug in the process above, you SHOULD be able to get there within the next 60 days or so, and have a whole bunch of fun as you go, and grow.
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How to Earn $27 an Hour With Your Keyboard Like Clockwork (No Experience Required)

Who else would love to work from home, earning a minimum for $27 dollars an hour, from the comfort of your own living room, desk or spare bedroom?
Are you expecting me to recommend you stuff envelopes, or fill out surveys, or some other silly strategy that you already KNOW in your bones won't work?
The truth is, I wouldn't waste your time or mine, offering the sort of mind numbing marketing "myths" out there that are meant to capitalize on those of us who want the fun, freedom and financial liberty of being our own boss.
Instead, I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to earn $27 an hour starting TODAY, with no investment required.
No gurus, no gimmicks and no gadgets at all.
If you have a keyboard, and a computer... and a willingness to work, you CAN write your own financial ticket.
How so?
Content creation. Write articles... JUST like this one. I can write 4 of these an hour with elegant ease, and so too can you if you practice. (1 every 15 minutes)
The truth is, a good 500 word article goes for $12 dollars MINIMUM on the open market.
A short, 250 word blurb, social submission, blog post or otherwise can be sold for $5 all day long... literally, like clockwork.
These numbers ARE at the low end, and I encourage you to verify all of this on your own. (you can even check the market value on Craigslist right now, and you'll see that folks are paying MUCH more than this for content)
2 500 word articles, and 1 250 word blurb, at the above prices, and you've just created $27 of income to you. (and a whole bunch of valuable content for someone else)
I've paid FAR more than the numbers above for good content in highly competitive niches, and many entrepreneurs I know routinely do the same. (a good friend and client of mine just bought 100 real estate "blog blurbs" for his site, and basically just gave someone a great part time income for the next month, on work that will take 90 minutes a day... MAX)
The truth is, the BEST way to earn BIG money online is to CONTROL what you create (and not sell it to others). Promote your own products, program, sites, services and offers. However, if you need a little income bump to help you get there, creating content is the easiest way to turn your keyboard into cash that I know (no gurus required!)
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun Facts About Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving signifies a time of year where people gather with their families and reflect upon what they're thankful for. The first Thanksgiving celebration is believed to have taken place in 1621, when Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians got together and celebrated the autumn harvest. The tradition continued for many years, but it wasn't a national holiday until President Abraham Lincoln officially declared it during the Civil War.
Today, Thanksgiving has many meanings, based on various family traditions. It can be anything from watching football, to eating juicy turkey or reuniting with family members we don't see often. For some, it may even mean getting to bed early in order to get the best sales at the mall on Black Friday, or now Black Thursday!
10 Fun Thanksgiving Facts
For a little diversion, here are some facts to share around the family feast:
1. The first Thanksgiving lasted three days
2. Lobster, rabbit, chicken, fish, squashes, beans, chestnuts, hickory nuts, onions, leeks, dried fruits, maple syrup and honey, radishes, cabbage, carrots, eggs, and goat cheese are thought to have made up the first Thanksgiving feast.
3. The pilgrims didn't use forks; they ate with spoons, knives, and their fingers.
4. Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird
5. Turkey has more protein than beef or chicken
6. Only male turkeys gobble while hens make a clucking sound
7. Fully grown turkeys have 3,500 feathers
8. Commercially raised turkeys cannot fly
9. Turkeys have heart attacks
10.The heaviest turkey was 86 pounds
Black (and Blue) Friday
The marketing frenzy surrounding this phenomenon has taken off in recent years. Before the beginning of the Black Friday tradition, most people spent the day after Thanksgiving with family or recuperating from too much food. It's been the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005, when the term "Black Friday" was officially coined. Some claim it is because the sky is black when shopping begins; Others refer to the hoards of shoppers as a reference to the Stock Market Crash in 1929 called "Black Friday." I prefer to say it is what helps start putting retailers in the black. Since most non-retail employees are given this Friday off from work, it makes sense that it would be the busiest shopping day of the year.
This year, the shopping frenzy at many department stores will begin at midnight, the night of Thanksgiving. As more companies started to catch onto this, competition took off and retailers started getting more competitive with their hours. Some stores are offering sales starting on Thanksgiving evening at 10:00 PM and extending until 2:00 AM the next morning. While the shopping frenzy used to continue casually throughout the weekend, most retailers have cut it down to just one day, thus creating a sense of urgency and more shoppers.
The Biggest Online Shopping Event of the Year!
Cyber Monday also made its official debut in 2005 when marketers decided to transform the Monday following Thanksgiving into the biggest online shopping event of the year. According to comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, consumers spent over $1 billion shopping online on Cyber Monday in 2010. With holiday shopping still fresh on consumers' minds when they return to work on Monday, it slowly caught on as a new niche that companies could capitalize on if they made it an official shopping day full of sales. Since its introduction, the term "Cyber Monday" has even been used internationally to mark the official start of the holiday shopping season. It also does have its perks, most notably the fact that you don't have to go without sleep in order to get good deals on merchandise.
Getting Back to Your Roots
Whatever your tradition, Thanksgiving makes us all think about what's important to us. If you're not particularly excited by the idea of spending lots of time, energy and money on gifts right after Thanksgiving, you're not alone. While some may flock to stores to get the best deal on a new flat screen TV, it somehow takes away from what the root of Thanksgiving is meant to be about. It's a time for reflection, and a time for being reminded of all the gifts life has already given you. If you are planning to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, make sure you check company's Twitter and Facebook pages for the most up-to-date insider scoops!
The Web Success Team wishes everyone a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving. We hope you are able to be with your families to share the start of this wonderful holiday season.
Here's one of our favorite stuffing recipes (simple, and yummy!):
Chestnut Stuffing:
3 cans of chestnuts
1 onion
Salt and pepper
Put it in the food processor then stuff it in the turkey. If you have a 16 lb. turkey, make sure you cook it for at least 9 hours to ensure it is cooked throughout. Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!
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How Bank Check Scanners Are Valuable To Financial Institutions

Check imaging offers a wide range of document imaging systems for financial institutions, designed to simplify teller processing. Sold by software providers, discovering which features of bank check scanners prove to be valuable will assist you with making the correct choice for your corporation or branch.
Teller automation is a vital function in our everyday world, providing confidential transactions that are cost-effective for banks, and convenient for customers. Since nearly every adult in our country relies on a financial institution for cashing services, bank check scanners need to be extremely reliable, with precise accuracy during processing. Reputable companies will be honest about their warranty return rates, giving you an inside peek at how often a scanner lets businesses down, or holds up its end of the bargain successfully, every time. Scanning malfunctions lead to errors, a teller that cannot service the public and a greater employee turnover rate. When customers cannot rely on a financial institution to process their checks the moment they need them cashed or deposited, they become irritated and often seek other options.
Adaptive Thresholding
Adaptive thresholding is a feature that allows tellers to capture images in multiple settings to provide the highest quality bitonal image available. The scanner uses advanced technology to automatically select the image with the most clarity, allowing tellers to focus on time-sensitive customer service issues rather than worrying about errors caused by blurry pictures. Four different magnetic algorithms are used to scan and verify documents for proper record keeping. The device compares both the magnetic and optical readings to reach the best decision for financial imagery, all on its own. This process is called OCR MICR verification-correction, and is considered a valuable asset to organizations seeking a simple program to reduce human and outdated system error.
The programmers of bank check scanners often forget that a major financial institution deals with an extremely high volume of customers, at an even higher pace. A system that is too complicated for tellers to learn and use not only cuts into a bank's daily routine, it defeats the very purpose of the automatic scanner. Documents should not require several repeated attempts just to feed them into the device. This is a waste of time, and an extremely frustrating situation for both the teller and the customer who is waiting patiently on the other side of the counter. The majority of tellers prefer feeding documents from the right side of the scan, rather than the left. This preference is just what comes naturally to most people, and as subtle as it sounds, switching sides will enhance the teller's speed with each customer. The ability to drop anywhere from one to a large quantity of checks into the machine single handedly, without any obstacles in the way, saves financial institutions an incredible amount of employee time and money.
Financial institutions using bank check scanners are encouraged to learn how each feature of their device affects performance rates so they may select the check imaging software providers that are best for their teller needs.

Bank Check Capture Devices: Solutions for Tellers

The role and value of image capture for banks is without question. Document scanners are used to improve financial accuracy and customer service throughout every banking location. Unfortunately, many banks that use a check capture system designed for easy and fast teller operations produce the opposite. Understanding the common problems associated with scanners from a teller's point of view will provide the perspective you need to purchase solutions for your company, rather than complications.
Teller Problem: Scanning Documents Excessively Due To Common Exceptions
Repeatedly scanning checks that register as errors or exceptions is a typical frustration for tellers, and an even bigger annoyance to customers that are patiently waiting to process their transactions. The most effective way to turn a complicated bank check capture into a smooth transition is by using equipment featuring adaptive thresholding. Devices that are designed with adaptive thresholding functions act as a multiple settings reader each time documents are scanned, intelligently selecting the highest quality bitonal images before they are displayed. This eliminates the need for tellers to keep feeding the machine countless times to produce a read that is satisfactory for banking purposes and customer records.
Teller Problem: Manually Inputting or Correcting Information That Fails To Read
If the objective of a financial institution is to improve document accuracy and customer relations simultaneously, a machine that requires a teller to manually enter information completely misses the mark. When dealing with confidential, valuable, and precise figures, the risk of financial loss from simple human error is astronomical. Besides accuracy issues, manual input requires a teller to spend unnecessary time with each customer, stalling the line. No one likes to wait in a long line at their local banking branch. The excessive amount of time spent by each customer waiting will produce devastating consequences as they close accounts to switch to a faster serving competitor.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) verification and correction is the best way to avoid manual input hassles. These technologically advanced scanners feature four unique magnetic algorithms to verify each document. By comparing both the magnetic and optical readings, this type of bank check capture software proves to be the most reliable way to deliver accurate images to tellers, every time.
Teller Problem: Not Knowing How to Correct a Malfunctioning Scanner
There is a difference between selecting a device that will successfully update your operations, and choosing products that are next to impossible for tellers to operate on their own. High tech does not mean you should have to call a specialist every time common malfunctions occur. When tellers are unable to fix simple problems, they are also unable to serve customers. Scanners automatically equipped with diagnostic and self adjusting features will correct errors before they interrupt customer services within your branch. Self adjusting feed rollers are also available to compensate for the expected wear and tear over time, ultimately increasing the amount of time tellers are doing their jobs, rather than pushing buttons to coax their equipment to work.
Common complaints from tellers using bank check capture equipment is explained to give buyers valuable tools for purchasing image capture for banks throughout their organization.

How Bank Check Capture Systems Benefit Teller to Customer Relations

As with any business, customer service is a key factor for determining success or failure. It is absolutely common for consumers to avoid doing business with companies that offer poor customer care, regardless of how amazing the product or services they offer may be. In other words, a sign-on bonus, promotional gift, reward point system, or low interest rate at a branch is much less appealing for customers that have had a bad experience at the location. It is important to understand where customers are coming from, what they demand from a financial institution, and what experiences encourage them to take their business elsewhere.
Manufacturers of high quality check scanning banks not only develop products with the teller in mind, they place extra emphasis on the end result that will be delivered to the customer. Businesses need customers to survive and earn a profit, which makes their loyalty a number one priority of any successful branch. Discovering how a bank will use a check capture system to significantly improve customer relations is a wise decision for any organization that is aspiring to be the best, or even major financial institutions that plan to stay number one.
The Waiting Game
Banks are not exactly the place customers want to spend their leisure time. Drive-thru banking lanes were built decades ago for tellers to assist customers on the go, offering standard services comparable to walking through the doors. We live in a society that feeds off of instant gratification and convenience. We are also a nation known for its fast-paced lifestyle and incredibly hardworking ethics. This means your customers will have plenty of reasons to be frustrated when they are stuck in a long line, simply waiting to deposit their checks. If they do not literally walk out of the branch to avoid missing their next obligation, by the time an irritated customer approaches the teller, he or she might be difficult to please, to say the least.
Your customers deserve to have checking, savings, and business accounts with financial corporations that do everything in their power to thank them for their loyalty. In addition, the tellers you employ are the people that are dealing with disgruntled customers on a daily basis. Failing to smooth operations and convenience customers results in a higher employee turnover rate for each branch.
They Say Jump, You Say How High
Bank check capture systems designed by reputable suppliers meet and exceed the extraordinary demands of every customer's personality, no matter how impatient they may be. By speeding up the process of scanning checks, the volume of customers each teller will be capable of assisting rises dramatically. Faster operations lead to smaller lines, shorter waiting times for customers, and an overall boost in productivity for banks. Technologically advanced features of bank check capture software comes standard, for organizations to optimize the accuracy rate of document scanning and internal database resources. Products that have a positive track record of reliability, throughput, diagnostic correction, and feeding capability are essential devices for any business seeking to improve or maintain customer relations.
The purpose of check scanning banks is described to inform buyers of the significant advantages bank check capture devices have to offer relating to customer service.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Internet Business Blog Is A Fresh Tool To Handle Internet Marketing SEO

For instance WordPress blog is easy to start and easy to use. However, it is more useful to run it under your own domain, because only then the link juice comes for the benefit of your internet business. Otherwise your internet business blog builds links to WordPress only.
1. An Effective Internet Business Blog, Like WordPress Has Several SEO Plugins.
The plugins like All In One Seo, Broken Link Checker, SEO Smart Links, Yet Another Related Post Plugin and Urban Giraffe Redirection are all useful, but the blogger has to pick the ones, which fit to him best.
2. WordPress Internet Business Blog Is Well Equipped.
WordPress does not do everything for you to guarantee, that the posts rank well in the search engines. The first thing you have to do is the keyword research, which happens in the same way as for the website page. On the other hand WordPress offers header optimization, title tags plus internal and cross linking. And the post requires some inbound links to be able to rank well.
3. The Post Content Is The King.
You must never write to the search engines, because they do not buy anything. They do not build the brand, because only the human beings can do that. Same with the trust. After the keyword is chosen, you should put it into the title and into the body of the text.
But to rank well with the chosen keyword, the post requires some links. The link building system should follow the latest Google Panda update. A post should be linked from the variety of sites, like article directories, social sites, social bookmarking sites, web2.0 sites, forums, newsrooms and from the single high page rank sites.
4. A Blog Post Must Be Well Prepared.
There is no niche, which would like an amateur level content or the thin content, which actually is useless. Many internet business marketers want to write and distribute more instead of focusing on the quality. But one thing is sure. The quality beats the low quality quantity. Always.
It takes time to find the needed information for the chosen theme and it takes time before an author learns, who is the authority in the niche. Only the high authority authors are worth reading. A good news is, that every niche has the leading experts.
5. The Amount Of The Comments Tells A Lot.
The very nature of the internet business blog is, that the content is from one human being to other human beings. The blog is very personal in nature and if there is no comments, it is really a problem. Something is missing. A typical reason is, that the content is so low quality or tries to sell something, that it does not arouse any emotions and reasons for comments.
Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. The Latest Google Algorithm Update Favours The Internet Business Blog, Because The Blog Shares A Fresh Content, Which Is Important For The Internet Marketing SEO.

How to Start a Blog - Free Simple WordPress Themes

How to Start a Blog
Free Simple WordPress Themes - Blogging Tips and Tricks
WordPress is a blogging tool that can be used by many, if not most, small businesses or individuals to reach their target viewers. It is a blogging platform which gives you the ability to create your own theme, or just use one of the countless free simple WordPress themes offered.
How to Start a Blog Using WordPress
Upon signing up for WordPress, you are immediately able to log into what is called the dashboard. The dashboard is the central location of your blog; the place from which different blog posts, blog pages, links to and from the blog, and design options can be accessed. The design will be found under the section entitled "Appearance" on the dashboard. From here, personal touches can be added to the blog. To start, the first thing that needs to be done is to choose a theme. A theme is what people see when they visit a blog, essentially the design of the blog. It also defines the control you have over the blog in regards to the look and feel.
How to Start a Blog - and Use it as a Website
Using WordPress has many benefits. First and foremost, it's free. Second, it's easy to use. Third, it is very flexible. While WordPress was originally created for blogs, many users employ it to create websites - even static ones. Instead of posts, simply create pages with any information or pictures that need to be displayed.
How to Start a Blog - and Functionality
Another reason for the popularity of WordPress is that it is continually being evolved and updated. Being an open source software, users contribute fixes, updates, themes, and plugins continuously. You don't have to worry about it ever being outdated. Finally, there is plenty of support provided if you run into trouble. Since WordPress is run and maintained by volunteers from around the globe, there is plenty of help available around the clock.
One of the many free simple WordPress themes is known as Litelog. It works like Chrome, Opera, or Safari and is easy to customize. Another free template is called, "Unread." This template is ready for widgets and advertisements. It even has a featured image that rotates on the home page. WordPress also has many premium themes, but they have to be paid for. The only difference between the paid and unpaid themes is that the paid themes have more features, like being ready for page-navigation, optimized for advertisements, and they are more SEO friendly.
For starters in the field, there is a tremendous variety of free simple WordPress themes from which you can choose. Most of them are very good, and many small businesses and individuals may find that they do not need anything more.
R Conte is the owner and principal author at SEO Writer Pro, a brand new website offering high quality, Affordable SEO Article Writing and fresh, well-written Blog Content from a dedicated, professional SEO writer. Click here to discover how you can save money buying relevant, timely, high quality content with our Special Introductory Article Writing Offer.